By the way, if you don’t see a problem with something a POC points out, with something a queer person or a trans person or a disabled person points out, then you are the one with the problem. We, they, are not being too sensitive. You are being too white, too straight, too cis, too abled. You will never, ever see things from an oppressed person’s point of view, therefore you need to shut up and listen when they speak. They, we, are not being sensitive, or overreacting, or being some sort of “reverse bigots.” We are reacting to our oppression. You belittling us, gaslighting us, ignoring us, laughing at us, is oppressive. You are enabling oppression.

Check your fucking privilege. Get off your high horse and shut your fucking mouth and listen. Get over your white savior complex, your LGBT ally bullshit, your entitled fucking cookie and headpat chasing. You’re only making it worse. All I ask is that you listen, and don’t co-opt marginalized people’s oppression or make our issues about you.

In short, if you make light of an oppressed person’s problems or history because you don’t think they’re that important, or you thought those racist/rape/homophobic/fat jokes were funny, or you thought that Ally or that White Savior was doing a good job, or because you think the oppressed person was being “too sensitive”, then you’re a fucking asshole. But that’s okay. I expect this bullshit from straight, cis, able-bodied white people.

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    Whenever people in my family makes extremely racist/sexist/ableist jokes, I tell them “WOW THAT WAS EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE”...
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