I don’t understand people who..


bash on others for no reason.  I keep seeing people on tumblr talking shit like little bitches, going “oh my gaawwddd, white girls STAHP with the dreamcatcher tattoos, ugh so offensive!”

NO. FUCK YOU. They can get what-fucking-ever type of tattoo they want.  Anyone can get any tattoo they want, anywhere they want.  It’s not your fucking place to judge them.  Get off your damn high horse, get laid, and grow the fuck up. 

rant over

If a person of color tells you that something you’re doing is disrespectful, and you’re more concerned with your freedom to do that thing than you are with the fact that you’re hurting a group of marginalized people, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a fucking racist.

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    Get outta here with our ankhs and mud cloth and adinkrah , ignorant jerks. you want to wear our ancestral clothing and...
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