More Recent hate because of my caption..


 I looked up the word… “Squaw” it is an English language loan-word, whose present meaning is an indigenous woman of North America.

Okay stop right now.

It is a pejorative.

Stop with your racist photoshoots and stop saying that word.

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  1. nickjojola said: its not a very nice word
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    UGH. I looked at his facebook and want to puke. So many white people claiming Native heritage just to say something...
  3. fatbottompurls said: Wow man. You just can’t win!
  4. intrinsic7 said: All of the causes to fight for in the world we live in, and ppl choose to antagonize someone who takes artsy photos of a girl in a feather headdress because they don’t like the title. Some people need perspective so they can see how petty they are.
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    …Did you really need to go look it up? ‘Sqaw’ is fairly well-known to be an offensive term towards Native American...
  6. thestray said: People are yelling at you, and I’m sure it would be easier to dismiss them, but I think it takes more courage to hear their complaints with an open mind.
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    "I looked it up in the dictionary so I can use it now haha" Bitch sit down
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    Is this more of that “the dictionary knows more about racism than the actual people you’re marginalizing”?
  9. orangefashiondiary said: fuck the haters