sometimes i feel like people don’t understand


that it’s actually really hard being assigned white.

i feel like folks have a lot of expectations for me. when i meet a POC i’m supposed to project an aura of authority and prove that my intelligence is superior to theirs. if i don’t then i’m “white trash”. once i’ve subtly asserted my superiority, i’m supposed to apologize and experience guilt about the existence of white privilege. what if i don’t feel privileged?

i know this is an unpopular opinion, but i’m sure a lot of you share my beliefs.

I present to you: the bewildering case of the poor, oppressed white person TRANS-KOREAN OTHERKIN.

Weaboos®: Now with more privilege denial and appropriation of trans* language/experiences!

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    Rage level? Where is my bat.
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    this is so fucking wrong. ~ hi Im a white kid who feels sorry for myself because Im white~ its really pathetic and I...
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    I have no words.
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    WHY is this a thing?! I don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fo serious… or trolling?
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    " when i meet a POC i’m supposed to project an aura of authority and prove that my intelligence is superior to theirs....
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    Assert your authority…be superior…God fucking forbid if a POC is smarter then you, that will automatically make you a...
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    I’m sorry if I’m stepping on toes, since I’m not a PoC, but: What the fucking fuck is wrong with Prince What’s-his-butt?...
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    Jfc, what. ”IT’S SO HARD BEING WHITE” = Let me in to your club of oppressed people b/c it’s a LOT MORE FUN RITE GAISE.
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    otherkin i cannot even fathom the fucking stupid
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