veggiesofallcolours asked:

What do you think of mixed people who look white but identify as at least partly native?

I would know nothing about that. Nothing about that at all. ;)

But seriously. I’ve spent 23 years as a (very much) white-passing person surrounded by dark-skinned family members, and I am very, very aware of the privileges I have and the fact that I will never experience many of the same prejudices and assumptions people make about people like my father and my brother, who look like your average ndns.

So yeah. If you’re going to use your Cherokee great-great-great grandmother as an inspiration to actually study your heritage and get involved with the community, AWESOME. Don’t forget your privilege, but by all means, get involved. DO NOT use your distant relatives as an excuse to do shit like this. Having a teeny drop of ndn blood isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card to do racist shit, and if you pull the “No, it’s cool, my ___ was ___” card when someone calls you out on your racism, I will judge the shit out of you. 

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