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Teaching lies in History class

Hi- I’m Japanese-American and enjoy your blog; thank you for the information and education that you share!
Today, I asked my daughter’s best friend how the first week of high school was. She rolled her eyes and told me how they were learning about the settlement of America and 13 colonies in History class this week. Throughout the entire PowerPoint presentation, Native Americans were never mentioned. So at the end, she raised her hand and asked the teacher why the contributions of Native Americans to the survival of white settlers, was not mentioned.
The teacher scoffed and told her the settlers didn’t need Native Americans, they did fine on their own and it was an irrelevant question.
She then asked the teacher, “what about food? How did the settlers learn about food?”.. The teacher said they brought their own food and were fine. She took another stab and asked, “What about corn?” The teacher scoffed and told her the English settlers brought corn to America with them, the Native Americans were lucky to benefit from their help…!!!! WTF?!! I am so disgusted that garbage like this is allowed to be taught in the American public school system!